Furniture guard

Our furniture depository is at your disposal

  • Your new home is not ready yet: delay in the work, uncertain delays , etc..
  • You canceled your rental contract
  • You started renovations in your home.
  • You are going a few months abroad.
  • Your basement is damp or you lack the space.
  • Your car has little space in the garage.
  • Packaging (see gallery)
  • Storage of goods by our service to optimize space and save you the volume.
  • Our expertise helps prevent sagging upholstered furniture and boxes for a long-term storage.
  • We have heated and unheated surfaces near the center of Lausanne and about.
  • The minimum volume of 5 m3
  • If you bring or take back your goods by your means in our furniture guard, in/out fees are perceived.
  • If your goods remain a long time and you need to get some of them, we can always agree to make your job easier.
  • The cancellation of the lease is to do at least one month in advance.
  • Storage for long duration (one year or more), favorable conditions are offered.
  • Ask us for an offer, it is free and without obligation.
  • The payment is to do at the beginning of each month.
  • For volumes less than 10 m3, we ask for a grouped payment of two or three months according to arrangement.