Private Relocation

No improvisation, everything has to be prepared

You move in Switzerland or you move abroad, you can entrust us without hesitation to transfer your business to the intended destination or transit in our keeps furniture.

We will listen to you carefully to define together your needs and provide an elaborated solutions.

  • Provide the necessary materials for packaging small business (clothes, dishes, knickknacks, books, etc.).
  • Reserve space with parking services.
  • Communicate the entry date to your new home as well as the release date of the former
  • Notify neighbors in both addresses, for any malfunctions (building access, elevators, parking, noise, etc.).
  • Think about changing your address (Town, Post office, insurance, bank, etc).
  • Prepare the access
  • Notify us for packaging fragile objects.
  • Signal to us any damage on your property: scratches and other on furniture, tables, etc..
  • Provide the necessary details for the new assignment of different objects
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